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En el Caribe Sur

Fear. Horror. Terror. Catastrophe. What are these guys doing with my bike? And why is that shirtless Spaniard straddling it? In truth, I do know what they were doing. They were taking my bike to the Stahlratte to cross to Panama. I didn’t know this when I started this trip but there’s no road across the … Continue reading »

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Tomorrow I take the Eyre highway to Adelaide. 2000km of treeless nothingness and of course no cell coverage or internet. It’s going to be the longest communications blackout since I went “into the wild” in Kyrgyzstan. There is supposed to be gas stations and water/food shops along the way but apparently everything is terribly overpriced … Continue reading »

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My GPS takes me on adventures

It just happened. I didn’t ask to go into the jungle, yet here I am. I recently purchased an Android application for my phone, an annoying little piece of GPS software that keeps telling me to turn around, go back to a random point on the road behind me and then to come back where … Continue reading »

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The Almaty run

And after a day’s rest at Bishkek’s Sakura guesthouse, where it’s cozy and warm, I was ready for the Almaty run. Now that we were going to Mongolia, we all needed visas. Neil and Chris had decided that they would try to get into Kazakhstan with their Kyrgyz visas and they left early with a … Continue reading »

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Internet? Noooo, we don’t have that here, sir

Wow! It’s been a week since my last post and that one was about Russia. That’s two countries ago! The internet has been getting scarcer and scarcer ever since Beyneu where only one of the hotels had wifi (and it wasn’t the one I was staying). On the desert camps I don’t really count on … Continue reading »

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Custom message from MyLongVoyage SPOT Messenger

MyLongVoyage Latitude:47.75231 Longitude:19.08012 GPS location Date/Time:07/01/2012 13:12:08 PDT Message:This is an automated post containing my location. Most probably I don’t have any internet connection today. Click the link below to see where I am located. If the above link does not work, try this link:,19.08012&ll=47.75231,19.08012&ie=UTF8&z=12&om=1 MyLongVoyage You have received this message because MyLongVoyage … Continue reading »

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A mother’s gift

Yesterday I went gear shopping with my mom. Yes, my mom wanted to say goodbye before I embark on my big adventure and so she came all the way to Paris to spend a week with me and spoil me one last time before the rough year ahead. Rough? Well, I don’t plan for rough but … Continue reading »

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