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Australian dangers

I better keep my eyes open, there may be dinosaurs crossing. What??? Related Images:

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Roadside meetings and new tyres

When I was leaving, a friend posted this song on my page. Whenever I think of the road, it often comes to my mind. Where I lay my head is home. Anywhere I roam. The road is a harsh mistress I said once talking about long hours on the road but it can also give … Continue reading »

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Main highway

This is what Mongolia’s main Southern “highway” looks like from Bayankhongor. I let you figure out how it looks like when you are on it. Related Images:

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Back to square one?

Oh noes! I am back to where I started!   Related Images:

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Tyres, truckers and rivers in the desert

Another desert is ahead of us and so we ride early today. We have been given by Chris two bits of important information about the road ahead: There is a 100km stretch that is the worst road I’ve ridden so far It will take you around 10 hours We set off early, Neil and I. … Continue reading »

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Desert rides

We got up early to start the desert ride while the weather was still bearable. Fail. At 9am it’s already 30 degrees. And we were off. Bye bye Beyneu, hello desert! From Beyneu, the last proper town before the Uzbek border there is a 90km stretch of very bad road. Not the worst I would see … Continue reading »

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All the roads to China

When 10 people are aiming to be in the same place on the same date, they are bound to meet somewhere along the way. In our case, the place is Torugart and the date is August 28th. I had run into Neil before at the Georgian border but he was going a bit faster than … Continue reading »

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Russian plains

3 hours the Russian border took me. My two passports make a lot of things easier but they also make some other things take more time. Usually it’s not a problem. At the Georgian border I explained that I had two of them, one Argentine and one French and that the blue one didn’t need … Continue reading »

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Some things lose their meaning as you travel East, other radically change their meaning. Take this roadsign for example: In Western Europe it usually means that there is some kind of roadworks ahead, probably taking one lane of the road you are riding. From Romania tu Turkey it means that you are in for some … Continue reading »

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In Bulgaria, all the roads lead to

the highway! Here’s the road I took from Sofia to Sunny Beach. I’m posting it here so that you can zoom in as I tell you what happened. [sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/120709.gpx”] I pleaded not to take highways anymore and with that in mind I set off. After trying and failing to get Scottoiler oil in Bulgaria … Continue reading »

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World domination

One discount store at a time… So I am in this border town in Hungary trying to spend my last Forints. Mostly on water for me and gas for the bike and I see this shop: No, no, not the red sign. That magyar-something-something obviously means Hungarian supermarket chain (fluent Hungarian anyone? Thank you Google … Continue reading »

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