I’ve got something up my sleeve

Shit got weird today:At about 80 km/h and leaning heavily into a corner on a winding mountain road, a spider made an appearance inside my helmet.How did I know it was a spider? Because it ran across my face.As I said, shit got weird. — Nicholas Moses World traveller and international playboy I wanted to … Continue reading »

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My back hurts today. Only 25km from the hostel is Puñihuil where there’s supposed to be penguins. Let’s go hunting. See it here:

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Many years ago, while I was backpacking in Argentina, somewhere in Northern Patagonia we were restocking our food supplies at a small town supermarket when an old drunkard invited himself to our conversation. He had the discrete elegance that self-respecting old drunkards usually have, he wore a hat and a felt coat. His face was … Continue reading »

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