The road

Pilot Error

On July 18th, many things happened. Many important things: friends had babies, other friends moved to foreign countries and, by far not the least important, at around 8:30PM, Central European Time, my mom asked my dad if he had any news from me because she was worried. On July 18th, I woke up tired (1). … Continue reading »

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A day in Patagonia

  Sometimes I ride through ugly places. No, not really. I have been to the Southernmost city of the continent and to the very end of National Road 3 (a.k.a. Ruta Tres) and now I’m riding it to the North in a mad rush to reach Buenos Aires in the shortest possible time. Why? Because … Continue reading »

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I’ve got something up my sleeve

Shit got weird today:At about 80 km/h and leaning heavily into a corner on a winding mountain road, a spider made an appearance inside my helmet.How did I know it was a spider? Because it ran across my face.As I said, shit got weird. — Nicholas Moses World traveller and international playboy I wanted to … Continue reading »

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Tomorrow I take the Eyre highway to Adelaide. 2000km of treeless nothingness and of course no cell coverage or internet. It’s going to be the longest communications blackout since I went “into the wild” in Kyrgyzstan. There is supposed to be gas stations and water/food shops along the way but apparently everything is terribly overpriced … Continue reading »

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Australian dangers

I better keep my eyes open, there may be dinosaurs crossing. What??? Related Images:

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Roadside meetings and new tyres

When I was leaving, a friend posted this song on my page. Whenever I think of the road, it often comes to my mind. Where I lay my head is home. Anywhere I roam. The road is a harsh mistress I said once talking about long hours on the road but it can also give … Continue reading »

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Worst beautiful road ever

This story is about what probably is the worst road I’ve ever taken but also one of the days with most riding fun so far on this trip. I’ve already mentioned this day a while ago, right after it happened, on this post. After that rain, I didn’t want to stay by the lake anymore. … Continue reading »

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More on the Kazarman trail

Ok, I know this is the third post on the Kazarman trail and the road to Song Kul but I really liked those 3 days alone in the mountains and it has taken me a very long time to be able to upload these 3 videos so here they are: Kazarman trail in long, medium … Continue reading »

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Into the wild in Kyrgyzstan

On the morning of August 16th we had to meet Neil to ride out together. We would only ride a short time together because I was going to take the Jalal-Abad to Kazarman trail and they were taking the highway because their bikes weren’t in great shape. We were late and Neil had left and … Continue reading »

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Main highway

This is what Mongolia’s main Southern “highway” looks like from Bayankhongor. I let you figure out how it looks like when you are on it. Related Images:

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Found this in my tire today while patching it O_o

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The rest of Uzbekistan

I am running a bit late, the blog is 2 countries behind me so I will try to summarize Uzbekistan in this post. Pictures will come later. Tomorrow is another long riding day but there will be shorter days later in China. August 9th, 2012 – Bukhara-Nurata-Samarkand I tried to leave Bukhara the next day … Continue reading »

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China and Mongolia

I interrupt the continuity of this tale to do a little update on the China situation and the changes on my plan. It seems that the Chinese government has decided to promote overland tourism in Mongolia. In a convoluted way, as usual with them bureaucrats. The Chinese government has decided that whoever enters China on … Continue reading »

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Tyres, truckers and rivers in the desert

Another desert is ahead of us and so we ride early today. We have been given by Chris two bits of important information about the road ahead: There is a 100km stretch that is the worst road I’ve ridden so far It will take you around 10 hours We set off early, Neil and I. … Continue reading »

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Desert rides

We got up early to start the desert ride while the weather was still bearable. Fail. At 9am it’s already 30 degrees. And we were off. Bye bye Beyneu, hello desert! From Beyneu, the last proper town before the Uzbek border there is a 90km stretch of very bad road. Not the worst I would see … Continue reading »

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