World domination

One discount store at a time… So I am in this border town in Hungary trying to spend my last Forints. Mostly on water for me and gas for the bike and I see this shop:

No, no, not the red sign. That magyar-something-something obviously means Hungarian supermarket chain (fluent Hungarian anyone? Thank you Google Translate) but look closer, at the yellow sign: « Kinai diszkont ». Any guess as to what it may mean? My guess is as good as yours: Chinese discount store! Ok, it was funnier in my head but still, it was a tiny border town in Hungary, can’t remember if it was Vámospércs or Nyirábrány and the Chinese discount store was there!

In all truthfulness, I haven’t seen so many Kinai diszkont but the remoteness of this one called my attention.

By the way, I’m happy to be back in a place where I can at least guess what stuff means. Hungarian is so… so… unguessable?

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    1. Bueno, sí, de tanto mirar carteles algunas cositas se descubren pero de ahí a decir que entendí algo en 3 días en el país sería mucho pretender 😉

  1. you are cheating man! the chinese dude in the drawing makes it easier for you to guess…and I believe you already knew those chinese words for « China », and « diszkont » is easy to translate too!! 😀

    Give us some more challenging guess next time!! 😀

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