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    1. En realidad sí. Como lo dice Richard en su comentario, se puede seguir 20km para llegar al final del camino. Ahí donde termina definitivamente la Ruta 3 y empieza el mar :). Esa foto va a facebook.

    1. Technically, no, but it's just a technicality. I went there too. That's the end of the road, this is the end of the world. Just a technicality as I said ;).

  1. So, are you back home now in Buenos Aires?? Perhaps that’ll make you think about starting another journey again ! 😉

    PS: I can’t believe seeing this bike leaving the sushi restaurant in paris 9 months ago…

      1. Sometimes when I went back to my home town, I was under the impression of going back in time and starting from zero again…Well, it’s just my feeling of course!

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