F**k the Chinese government

We have just received an email from our Chinese tour company announcing that our tour is cancelled, we can’t drive through China. This is very sad news and also a major turnoff. Our permit to transit through China in our own vehicles has been refused. We are now getting drunk with Chinggis Vodka here in Ulan Baatar while we consider the alternatives. A couple of ideas had been thrown on the table:

  • Get very good winter gear and ride to Vladivostok, then take a boat to Korea and from there somewhere else
  • Same but take a boat to Canada and forsake South East Asia
  • Ship the bike to Thailand and fly to Thailand
  • Same but backpack across China
  • Same but buy my Chinese bike, maybe I’ll finally get that Shineray 😉

Meanwhile, just a thought about abusive governments.

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  1. Nacho querido ya se que es frustrante pero es solo un escollo en tu itinerario que ya podrás reprogramar.
    Las cosas a veces ocurren para algo mejor.
    Aceptar lo que no podemos cambiar es parte de la vida. Ya veras como todo se arregla, y por otra parte este viaje tiene que hacerte feliz como sea que se vaya desarrollando.Besos y arriba el ánimo

    1. It does but I'm sure it will bring something better :). It is a new day today and I'm thinking of plenty of different ways to continue my trip if I can ship the bike to Thailand!

    1. Oh! I thought about it but doing that would have implied double shipping. I have just bought a train ticket to BJ and will ship my bike to Bangkok. You are welcome to join anywhere in South East Asia once me and my Z are back together.

    2. I'll be in the middle of a project. Plus I'll be probably going to Munich, Paris and Detroit end of October to meet electric vehicle manufacturers. So not looking feasible at this point. Where will you be in December/January?

  2. Brutal! Is it possible to get in groups of four and carry the motos across the line? Guessing multi entry visas required. I know people carry their bicycles, though rules may be different for Motos… prob too late now anyway.
    -Sean, friend of DK and LS

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