Back together

I received my bike on Saturday but could only get it back on Monday because customs were not working during the weekend. On Monday I had my dad to help me and my new GoPro to record the event in time-lapse mode. The Beach Boys came later, when I put the video together ;-).



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  1. Florence: The GoPro in time-lapse mode + iMovie to put them together. The battery was not good (I heard it happen to someone else already) but I already bought a new one here in Thailand 🙂

  2. Que suerte Nacho que te llegó la moto! era toda una incógnita.
    Papá te ayudó o miró? Al menos te acompañó en la espera.

  3. u just bought a new battery, not the new GoPro… how about the power bank? is it working or not? suppose the shop that I went was pretty OK, I hope I didn't get you any malfunction-product 😛

    1. Just a new battery, and later I realized it's a common GoPro problem that can be fixed with a firmware update. The new firmware is a bit unstable but takes better care of battery life. And now I have 2 batteries just in case. The power bank is great too. I've used it once or twice so far and it's very good, when I took the train from Guiyang, a guy in my compartment had the exact same one 🙂

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