A little game

Leaving Esperance to cross the great Nullarbor plain. Now a little game: how many water bottles can you spot on the picture? And based on that, how many more do you think I’m carrying? Bonus question: in how many days will I emerge on the other side? The game is on until I reappear with … Continue reading »

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Karma backswing

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In the morning of January 1st 2013, some poor devil sleeping in the same dorm in Kuala Lumpur felt that he needed my laptop, my Kindle, my DSLR and my GoPro more than I needed them. Let him get drunk into oblivion with the money he will get. On my side, I will have a … Continue reading »

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Penang food take 2 – Duck Rice

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Deja vu

“It’s funny, I’ve just had the exact same conversation two blocks ago with a girl that, in a way, looks exactly like you*”. It’s like when they make a change in the Matrix and you see the cat walk past by the brick wall twice. Every time I sneak away from a scam, I am … Continue reading »

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Where was I? Oh, right, Kyrgyzstan!

The next morning we got up not too late and set on our way to the border. Our map shows a little border crossing close to Fergana and that is what we aimed for. Until we met the Italians (again). They had been to the border but it was a locals-only border crossing and they’d … Continue reading »

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F**k the Chinese government

We have just received an email from our Chinese tour company announcing that our tour is cancelled, we can’t drive through China. This is very sad news and also a major turnoff. Our permit to transit through China in our own vehicles has been refused. We are now getting drunk with Chinggis Vodka here in … Continue reading »

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Ready at last

Leaving now…

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Happy Towel Day!

Originally, today was the day I would set off: Towel Day 2012. The trend of friends getting married and paperwork getting in my way have delayed me a bit but I still want to mark this day as an important one. After all, my voyage has already started. On foot and plane for the moment … Continue reading »

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